How Punjab and Haryana exercises its inherent powers under section 482 of CrPC.Exercise of inherent powers for quashing the proceedings at initial stage is permitted only where the allegations made in complaint or FIR even if taken at their face value or accepted in their entirety, do not prima facie point to any offence being committed or where uncontroverted allegations made in FIR or complaint and evidence relied in support of same do not point to any offence being committed against the accused, or allegations are so absurd and inherently improbable that on their basis no prudent person could have reached a just conclusion that there were grounds enough in proceeding against accused or where there is an express legal bar engrafted in any provisions of Code or any other statute to institute and continue criminal proceedings or where a criminal proceeding is manifestly actuated with mala fide and has been initiated in a malicious manner with ulterior motive for wrecking vengeance on accused and in order to spite him owing to private and personal grudge.

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