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ActWebSport.com, originally named ActWeb Sport, is a new free website where users can share any sport news each other.

We have re-design the site after the 10th of November of the 2015 where users can share their ideas or news about sports with other members for free.

Copyrights or any other rights issue
The publisher is responsible for the publication of the story, if the publication contains products from third with copyrights,logos and other owners copyright then we as owners of the website ActWebSport.com have no right on them and in other which will become copyright and logos,that copyrights they belong only and only to their owners.If any users use the logos or copyrights in their stories then they are only themselves resposible and we have not resposiblity or confirm the ownership of those.Stories which have been reported to our website for reasons of copyrights will be removed directly and the user will be banned from our website. For products displayed on our website in the published stories we are not responsible for the proper functioning of any showing products,responsibility is only the redirected companies or websites.Displayed websites on our website sell and promote in their website some products where we can not know the quality of these nor guarantee them, responsible for the quality of the goods is only the owners of these websites.

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7. sites promotes violence, fraud, racism, pornography (any kind), escort services, adult toys etc., vulgarity, warez.
8. TV streaming, match streaming etc.
9. No english websites or that other websites with incomprehensible language.
While ActWebSport.com prohibits such conduct and content on its site, content and your account may be removed.
10. Try to submit 1 or 2 stories per day from same website,more than 2 stories we mark it like spam and we delete all the stories,even if the stories are from high user,but we didn't mark as spammer the user.
11. Sort title and sort descriptions we also delete it
12. Titles like "see more..." "check here..." "www.just website name.com" and more like this we also delete them

On Request, we will remove infringing bookmark (post).
ActWebSport.com is not responsible for the content of external website’s.
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We only accept requests for an actual link to be removed. This should be in the format as follows: http://www.ActWebSport.com/Music/someposthere
Once a link is removed we will blacklist that URL so that it may never again be posted to ActWebSport.com
We aim to act on a DMCA request within 48 hours of receiving notification however usually your request will be actioned immediately.
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